Demand Justice for Kyam Livingston!

Date of Incident: 
Sunday, July 21, 2013

Join Peoples' Justice member organization the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement in demanding justice for Kyam Livingston! Kyam's family and community are demanding:

1) Video footage from the cell turned over to the family's lawyer immediately.
2) A list of guards, inmates and witnesses on the floor that night.
3) An investigation into the inhumane conditions of Brooklyn's Central Booking.
4) Criminal charges brought against the guards on duty.

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Brooklyn: Kyam Livingston, a 37-year-old Black mother, died while in police custody, after she was arrested over a non-violent family dispute. Kyam lost her life due to medical neglect by the police, who arrested her and then ignored repeated pleas for medical attention from her and others in her cell at Brooklyn Central Booking for seven hours. This resulted in the deterioration of Kyam’s physical condition. She ultimately succumbed to her illnesses and passed away. She was pronounced dead at Brooklyn hospital, but witnesses say she died in the cell, well before EMS arrived on the scene. Kyam’s family is demanding criminal charges be brought against the officers responsible for her death and calling for reform of the Central Bookings system. No charges have been brought against any officers as of yet.