Film: "South Bronx Cop Watch Mural"

Produced by Christian Jones & Melissa Suazo
Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Youth Channel
Fri, 09/12/2014

The Justice Committee, CAAV, Streetwise and Safe teamed up with Raul Ayala and other South Bronx community members teamed up for a for a mural project. Organizers, activists, and artists stood in front of the mural to speak and perform after its unveiling. The mural will serve as a pillar of justice within the South Bronx community and it will also remind community members of their rights during police interactions.

Special Thanks To: The Justice Committee, CAAV, Streetwise and Safe, and Raul Ayala

Music: "Ode to a Gangsta" Bangin Beats Volume 5

Producers: Christian Jones & Melissa Suazo

The Youth Channel 2014