Harlem Know Your Rights Mural

Click here for Photo Gallery  During the summer of 2013, Peoples' Justice member organizations produced a community Know Your Rights mural in Harlem, in collaboration with Picture the Homeless and lead artist Sophia Dawson. Over 80 community members were involved in the process, from generating ideas to the last drops of paint on the wall. The mural was unveiled with a community celebration on August 23, 2013. This was the latest mural in Peoples' Justice's Public Arts and Advertising campaign, which includes over 8 other murals across the city.

The mural addresses the damage done to communities of color and homeless communities through the “broken windows” theory of policing, which has guided NYPD practices under Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg. As a means of educating and empowering people highly affected by NYPD violence and misconduct, the mural promotes Know Your Rights information, and encourages communities to protect each other by utilizing the legal right to observe, document, and film police activity, also known as “Cop Watch.” This collaborative, community led mural was a 6 month process that incorporated 2 political education study sessions, numerous meetings between the organizations and community members to create the theme and design, 2 “community painting days,” and close to 80 community members and artist volunteers who helped paint the mural together.

Watch a film about the mural, by our friends at MNN Youth Channel!