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Check here for press releases and public statements from Peoples' Justice and our member organizations.

Justice Committee Statement on the Medical Examiner’s Garner Homicide Ruling and the Mayor’s Response


In response to the NYC Medical Examiner’s Garner homicide ruling and the mayor’s response, the Justice Committee issued the following statement from Co-Director Loyda Colon:

Justice Committee Statement on the NYPD Killing of Staten Island Father, Eric Garner


In response to the death of Eric Garner after being placed in a chokehold by an NYPD officer, Justice Committee issued the following statement from Co-Director Loyda Colon:

The Justice Committee offers our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Eric Garner. Having worked with New Yorkers who have lost family members to the NYPD for decades, we know all too well the impact of such a loss, just as we know the arduous road Mr. Garner’s loved ones must now travel to seek justice.

CAAAV Public Statement on NYPD Use of Excessive Force on Mr. Kang Wong


On Sunday, January 19th, Mr. Kang Wong, an 84-year old man, was stopped by the police for jaywalking at Broadway and 96th Street. Mr. Wong, confused because of a language barrier, attempted to walk away when the cops then used excessive force to restrain him. This is all simply because they wanted to give him a jaywalking ticket.

Justice Committee Statement In Solidarity with the Family of Kimani “Kiki” Gray and the East Flatbush Community


The killing of 16-year-old Kimani “Kiki” Gray is a terrible tragedy on a long list of injustices perpetrated by the New York Police Department (NYPD).  The Justice Committee sends love, strength and solidarity to his family, friends and community.  We echo Kimani’s community’s calls for an independent investigation into his death and the indictment of the officers who killed him.

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Statement on Floyd v. City of New York


The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement stands in solid support of all victims of police harassment, abuse and murder represented through the cases of Davis vs. City of New York, Ligon vs. City of New York and Floyd vs. City of New York.  As a lead plaintiff in the landmark class action lawsuit of Floyd v. the City of New York, we are confident that U.S.

PJ Statement For May 6 Unveiling Of New Know Your Rights Mural


Peoples’ Justices For Community Control And Police Accountability (Peoples’ Justice): is coalition of New York City grassroots organizations that seeks to contribute to the movement to end discriminatory, unlawful and abusive policing through activities aimed at educating and empowering affected communities. Commissioning know your rights mural like the one recently completed near Ravenswood Houses is one example of this work.