Cop Watch Alliance

To help create a city-wide culture of Cop Watch, Peoples’ Justice coordinates a Cop Watch Alliance open to organizations and ad-hoc groups trained to conduct Cop Watch. Through the Alliance, community members can obtain training, resources and support to conduct Cop Watch in their communities.

Know Your Rights

Peoples’ Justice conducts Know Your Rights trainings in schools, organizations, community centers, and anywhere else where people ask us to come. We also distribute tens of thousands of Know Your Rights palmcards, brochures, and related outreach materials in communities throughout New York City every year.

Public Art

Since 2009, Peoples’ Justice has been working with the Center for Constitutional Rights and NYC-based community artists to paint murals that illustrate Know Your Rights facts in neighborhoods that are heavily impacted by stop-and-frisk and other forms of discriminatory, unlawful and abusive policing.