Palmcard Back: 4 Tips to Protect Yourself

1) You have the right to observe, photograph, record and film police activities as long as you are a “reasonable distance” away and do not interfere.

2) Cops don't have the right to search you on the street for evidence to justify arresting you. They never have the right to search or touch you inappropriately to determine your gender or sexually harass you. In any case, don’t try to physically stop a search. Say out loud, “I do not consent to this search!”

3) If you are detained or arrested by a police officer, don’t tell them anything! Say out loud, “I am going to remain silent, I want to talk to an attorney.”

4) If you are harassed by the police, remember identifying information such as the officer’s badge, name, and car number, & the time and location, and write it down as soon as you can. Get medical attention if you need it and take pictures of any injuries.

If you would like a Know Your Rights training, or want to create a Cop Watch team in your community, contact us here!

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